Living in Health

Welcome to the practice of living in health. When the body/mind is centered, we enjoy health in all its aspects, physical, mental, and spiritual. When we are in balance we dwell in the spaciousness of our center and are one inside and out. When we are in harmony, we live easily in the present moment.

Living in health is a journey of discovery to our holistic selves, an interconnected body, mind, and spirit. We discover that when centered and still, we are also dynamic and ever changing. With this recognition, when we live in the moment, we live fully in awareness, experiencing through our unfettered senses.

Living in health is a journey of transformation. Health relies on energy conversion at all levels of our being. Blocked and restricted energy pathways impede communication, change, and synchronization leading to malaise and ill health. By fully reconnecting these pathways, we enable transformational healing.

Living in health is a journey of wonder, happiness, and peace. These are the gifts we enjoy in the moment and share with all beings along the way.

Each week in this space you will find a topic devoted to the health of the body/mind. I invite you to the practice of living in health and welcome your frequent visits.