Workshops & Classes

Mary offers workshops and classes to private and public groups. If you are interested in a class or workshop, contact Mary here.


Short descriptions of our most popular workshops and classes follow. Dates and times will be posted when events are scheduled.

An Introduction To Focusing. An experiential workshop providing a taste of the essence of Focusing. In Focusing  we bring our attention inside and build a warm and empathetic relationship with what is wanting our attention, no matter how troubling, difficult, or stuck it feels. By doing this, by giving it time, space and attention, what comes is a shift and a knowing of what is just right for us in our lives. What was once off-balance, painful or stuck opens, releasing the energy of our life-forward steps. In this workshop we learn some facilitative tools to take with us into our lives and use every day. Typically, this workshop is 1.5-to-2.5 hours long and is often taught at a group’s work or meeting place.

Inner Relationship Focusing. The Fundamentals – Level One. With Focusing we turn from being confused to empowered, from stuck to living life forward. The changes inside us enliven us with flow and possibility.  Join us to learn the Fundamentals of Focusing and meet like-minded people in the safety of a supportive group. In this course, we open the door wide to learn and practice the essence of change by turning towards and acknowledging, and compassionately and respectfully staying with that something that is in our way, out-of-whack, or causing us difficulty. We will start Focusing alone or with a companion from the start.   This is a 12-hour course held in person over a two-day weekend or in-person or via phone/internet once a week for 5-to-10 weeks. There are no pre-requisites for this class.

Inner Relationship Focusing – Deepening our Practice – Level Two.  In Level One we learned the basics and began our own Focusing practice. In Level Two we learn ways to deepen our practice as Focuser and as Companion. In this course we’ll

  • Cultivate being in a state of presence and how to compassionately return to presence if we stray;
  • Practice finding and staying with that vague and fuzzy felt edge that is key to our change process;
  • Enliven our role as companion, by learning how to lead the Focuser in and to listen deeply in a way that supports the Focuser to find and stay with the felt edge and all that comes forward from there.

This is a 12-hour course held in person over a two-day weekend or in-person or via phone/internet once a week for 5-to-10 weeks. Level One is a pre-requisite for taking the Level Two class.

Learning Meditation. This experiential course, meeting six times for one-hour, is for individuals, couples, or groups who wish to learn the basics of meditation. Meditation is a mind-body quieting practice that is as old as the ages and springs from ancient spiritual traditions. Today, it is also often used as self-care for health and well-being. In this course we’ll learn meditation basics and sample different types of meditation enabling us to find what feels right for us.  We’ll practice settling in and being with our mind-body-environment.  After the course, mentoring can be arranged.

Exploring the BodyMind: Finding and Being You. In this experiential workshop, we will use the power of collective intention and the awakening of mind-body techniques in the safety of the group, to help you reveal your limitless capacity for the joyful expression of your talents, at work, at home, and every where in your life. Share conviviality, learning, and self-reflection to transform your every day experience. Experience how it feels to open to new possibilities, taking you to new levels of satisfaction and self-expression.  This is typically a two-hour workshop and is often taught at a group’s work or meeting place.  Longer workshops can be arranged.

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