What People Say

“I was having sleeping and congestion problems. Every night I was waking up between 3 – 5AM. Often I had coughing fits after meals. A few days after my BodyTalk session with Mary I could tell things were shifting and the symptoms were improving. Within 2 – 3 weeks I was sleeping soundly through the night and the coughing episodes were rare. It’s funny how quickly you forget that you weren’t feeling so great.” Marc D.  Missoula, Montana
“Waking up on Tuesday morning I realized I had developed a nasty cold sore on my lower lip. Even with medication, these outbreaks tend to spread and usually take upward of 7 days to heal. On Wednesday, I did a BodyTalk session with Mary via Skype. After the session, the pain had disappeared and it seems the virus that causes the cold sore was stopped in its tracks. By the time my husband got home that evening it was barely noticeable.”  Lesley E. Sunnyvale CA

My experience with Mary and Body Talk has been amazing. She is able to tap into what I haven’t been able to voice. She has found important memories in the recesses of my mind and body that needed to be released in order to facilitate my growth and healing. She has set healing into motion that unfolds between the days that I have my sessions with her.

It’s hard to put into words how it works because it is subtle yet effective. I feel more confident, can sleep better, take better care of my needs. My relationships with my children have become easier and more fulfilling after Mary worked with the family matrix.

Behind Mary’s gentle manner is a wealth of knowledge about the operations of the human body and mind.  She combines science and art into a form of Body Talk that is truly healing for both body and mind. Working with Mary is the best thing that has happened for my own body and mind. Being in the world is becoming more peaceful, healthy, and joyful. Thank you Mary!  Kathleen M. Palo Alto, CA


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