BodyMind Healing

Mary offers one-to-one BodyTalk and Guided Focusing sessions in-person and by phone or Skype. As appropriate Mary may bring together BodyTalk and Focusing in the same session. Keep reading for more information about BodyTalk and Focusing and what to expect in a session.

To schedule a one-to-one session with Mary click here.


Our bodies are dynamic networks of energy flows, levels of consciousness and physical function, and talk to us through symptoms, pain, and pleasure. When we’re living with chronic stress the body cannot function as it is meant to. No matter the cause of the stress, whether it is injury, pain, life’s overwhelming to dos, or the emotional overload of work, family, and relationships, the body is out of balance. A body out of balance or homeostasis leads to illness and disease. To bring it gently back into balance and improve its functioning on all levels we need to realign the body’s biological expression and clear old habitual patterns of emotion and mind by reconnecting and optimizing the body’s energy flows.

Energy connects everything in the body and works at many levels–we feel the physical energy of the heart beating and muscles in motion, the raw energy of emotions, the mental energy of problem-solving, and the subtle energy that brings information and floods the body mind with a sense of well-being.

Using the body’s natural ability to heal itself, we bring attention to its priority’s for healing by bringing awareness and focus to the connections needing to be established and patterns calling for release.  This enables the body’s internal mechanisms to function at new levels of optimization, thus repairing and preventing disease while accelerating the healing process. Body Mind healing can be used stand-alone or combined with other methods to speed the healing process.

When you arrive for your session, Mary will review your health and wellness goals and establish your immediate needs with you. You’ll lie down, close your eyes if you wish to, and relax. This is your time and space for healing.

Mary will focus on your needs and follow your process. By establishing communication with your body’s innate healing intelligence the underlying elements contributing to your body’s imbalance will emerge almost like a mathematical formula. Using an old Hatha yoga technique, light tapping of the head and sternum follows. This creates a healing environment for your body mind allowing it to establish new homeostasis and balance.

Sessions may create an immediate feeling of relaxation or gentle fatigue and are appropriate for all ages from children to the elderly.

To learn more about BodyTalk click here.


Focusing is the process of listening deeply to ourselves–to our own inner knowing that is held in the wisdom of our bodies. When we Focus we create an inner relationship with whatever needs our attention right now. We focus from that larger self that is spacious and compassionate, that is curious and interested and that creates a container large enough for whatever comes. No matter how scary or terrible a “something” may seem, when we contact it with distance and respect, and listen compassionately what comes is full of positive energy.

We can use Focusing in many ways. We can remove action blocks–those blocks that keep us from doing what we want to do. We can resolve difficult emotions and conflict and relieve physical ailments and trauma. We can get to know ourselves and what we want much more deeply.

A Guided Focusing session begins with a conversation about what you are wanting from your session. Perhaps there is an issue or situation that is wanting your attention. You, with Mary’s help, will frame your issue so you can sense the whole thing about it freshly in your body. You’ll make yourself comfortable and close your eyes if you wish. Mary facilitates your process by helping you go inward and connect with what needs your attention right now. She follows your process, reflecting back to you what you say so that you can check inside to see if it describes the inner experience just right or if something else describes it better. She offers gentle suggestions to help you find your way. She holds space for you, supporting you and your Focusing.

Sessions may create an immediate feeling of relaxation and open a path to introspection. Over time a just-rightness about life emerges. Learning Focusing allows us to make it a daily practice. Information about classes is here.

To learn more about Focusing and the Focusing Institute go here.

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